Daily Dairy Cash Markets


CME Group Spot Dairy Product Prices ($/lb.) November 22, 2017
 FinalChange TradesBidsOffers
Cheddar Block1.6100 +0.50 
Cheddar Barrel1.6750 NC 
Butter2.2225 +1.00 
Grade A NDM0.7125 +0.75 


CME Group Spot Dairy Product Prices ($/lb.) November 24, 2017
 Mon.Tues.Wed.Thurs.Fri.Current Avg.Prior Week Avg.Weekly Volume
Butter2.2100 2.2125 2.2225     2.2150 2.2490 22 
Cheddar Block1.6000 1.6050 1.6100      1.6050 1.6875 
Cheddar Barrels1.6400  1.6750  1.6750     1.6633 1.6770 
Grade A NDM0.7150  0.7050  0.7125     0.7108 0.7385 



Daily Dairy Futures Markets


NOV 17DEC 17JAN 18FEB 18MAR 18APR 18MAY 18JUN 18JLY 18AUG 18SEP 18OCT 18NOV 18
Class III16.8215.3714.6014.5614.4914.6814.8815.1915.4715.5515.6615.6715.64
Non-fat Milk75.25074.25073.35073.00074.00075.00076.40078.00079.95081.65083.55085.75087.025


The Dairy Report's purpose is to inform you of the recent prices for the dairy market, along with supply and demand information. The report provides the latest activity information in the dairy market. As USA cheese manufacturers, we provide information for you to keep up with the market reports.

Marwood Sales follows the dairy market daily. Call for more information.