Who do you sell cheese to?

We are cheese manufacturers. We help in the food service, deli trade, and food manufacturing industries. We help chefs and research departments that need a cheese supplier.

We export for people out of the country. Recently, we supplied a shipment of cheddar blocks overseas to a client in Libya. We supply mozzarella cheese to a restaurant chain in Dubai. We have also developed a unique cheese slice for a company in Panama. The cheese slice is cut to the right configuration that cuts back on costs.

It is our innovative ideas that make us in demand cheese suppliers. We help clients save money with ideas about cheese that are worth talking about. What can we do for you?

What sets you apart from other cheese manufacturers?

Just about anyone can go to other companies and buy cheese. What sets Marwood Sales apart is our desire to provide solutions to your cheese needs. As one of the leading cheese wholesaler companies for production, we have provided diced cheese that does not melt as a solution a client needed. Another example is that we have enhanced the flavor of goods in a client’s sharp cheddar profile.

If you are looking for a specific solution to your cheese application, then we can help.

We have experience with:

  • Flavor profiles
  • Meltability
  • Texture

What types of cheese do you manufacture and provide?

Our website includes an extensive selection of cheese for any application. Our product inventory includes:

  • Natural Cheese
  • Imitation Cheese
  • Processed Cheese
  • Powdered Cheese

As USA based cheese manufacturers, we have a national distribution network that can provide exactly what you need for manufacturing, processing, or distributing. Our solutions ensure that you get top of the line cheese specifically manufactured how you want it.

We offer:

  • a wide variety of cheese
  • custom blends
  • easy melt and restricted melt indexes
  • shredding and dicing services

What areas do you provide services to?

We proudly celebrate over 25 years of experience providing service to the United States and out of country. We provide all types of cheese at a competitive price.

How can we contact you?

Contact Marwood Sales, Inc. toll-free at 800-745-2881 or email at info@marwoodsales.com.